Spring in Whistler usually starts off with a bang. Right to the nice weather, suns out, guns out type of stuff. In fact the my were swimming in a lake on May 1st this year. But when the end of May draws near, the weather always seems to change to a cold June-uary, but late in June mother nature seems to remember to turn the heat back on and it picks right back up where it left off.

On those warmer days having a pair of lighter shorts really can make your ride much more enjoyable.
I choose a pair of Bontrager Foray Shorts. The cut of the short is semi fitted, with a 13.5” inseam which works out to being just above my knee.  Down the front of the shorts there is lots of mesh venting with lazer cut holes for extra air flow.  There is also a mesh panel sewn into the back of the shorts at the top.  The fabric used in the shorts is a four way stretch and has a nice feels too it.  Soft, while not feeling like it is going to tear wide apart if you rub up against something.  Down each side there are side adjusters to micro adjust the fit and get them right where you want them.  On the left side there is a single pocket that is large enough to slip in a phone and small tool. The fly is velcro with two snaps at the top. It holds together pretty well, but I have managed to pop the snaps open.

The Foray shorts come with a Chamois that snaps right into the shorts.  It looks pretty fancy and comfortable but I have yet to use it. 

Bontrager Foray Shorts

Price: $129 USD
website: http://www.trekbikes.com
As tested: XL Waterloo Blue


full disclosure... I have never owned a fitted cycling jersey. They always ended up being too tight and i could never get use to the fit. But trying to step outside of my comfort zone, this spring in an effort to be fresh I decided to switch it up and try out and the Bontrager Foray jersey, and it's sizing is spot on. I don't feel like a sausage about to explode from it's casing, in fact, the jersey is a bit roomy and very comfortable.
With a 10” zipper down the front the jersey is still comfortable if you leave it zipped all the way up, but it can be unzipped far enough to make you look like a Fabio impersonator. At the top the designers incorporated a “zipper garage” so that it stays protected and won't bother your neck when zipped all the way up. Down each side of the jersey there are mesh panels that let tons of air through, keeping you cool throughout your ride. Around back there are three pockets for water, tubes and accessories and on the right side one of the pieces is a zippered mini pocket to slip in the important pieces. Up front on the left inside is a sunglass wipe that is easy to get too.


Bontrager Foray Jersey

Price: $79 USD
website: http://www.trekbikes.com
As tested: XL, Viper Red