Adidas Five Ten Trailcross Clipless shoes.

Five Ten

When I first saw them, the Trailcross shoes from Five Ten were not what I was expecting.

They didn't look like anything that I had seen from them before. In fact it kind of seemed like there had been a complete change in their design team leading into the release of this shoe.

Gone were the style cues from the Impacts and freeriders, replaced by a new design that felt largely influenced by the new ownership of Adidas. Now Adidas has been making shoes for a very long time, and they are certainly very good at it, so being able to tap into that knowledge and resources, even if at arms reach could only be a good thing, right?

The Trailcross Clip-In is Five Ten's first clip-in shoe that is specifically 'Created For Adventure'.
Designed from the ground up to perform equally as well on the bike as it does when hiking off the bike.

The Trailcross has traditional laces with a large velcro strap at the top of the foot. The top of the shoe has a light material that is great for breathability, but I would love for it to have a bit more water repellency for the mucky days that seem to bookend our seasons in the North West.
The toe box has extra reinforcement and protection, which did a good job of protecting me when I inevitably tried to stub my toe climbing something that I shouldn't have been.

One thing that they did was the mixture of weight and stiffness. Claimed to be 13.5 oz (382 gr) for a size 9 they are definitely the lightest pair of non-race shoes that I have ever put on. They have managed to get them light without adding exotic materials, which has kept the price reasonable at $220 cdn. (Bontrager Rally $209, Shimano AM-9 $229).

Five Ten classifies the Trailcross as a regular fit, and I found them to fit my foot very well from day one. I tend to prefer slightly wider toe boxes and these had a nice comfortable fit right out of the box.

MSRP: $220 cdn