Race Face Armour Jacket


The Race Face Armour Jacket has been a staple of Whistler for some years now. A couple of months ago we got our hands on one and after dozens of park days this is what we think about it.

Race Face Armour Jacket.

The Rally upper body armour has a articulated front panel with four custom molded plastic panels that enables it to fit a broad range of body types. The chest panel attaches to the kidney belt with two Velcro tabs sewn to elastic pieces at the bottom giving it some flex. I could never get the front panel to sit comfortably and not ride up into my chin, and this is most likely due to having a slightly larger size that I should have worn. (This isn’t restricted to Race Face, as I tend to be between sizes in most things biking. )

The shoulder pads feature well vented molded plastic panels that can be adjusted via two taps at the top in relation to the chest / spine pieces. The shoulder pads have a Velcro strap at the bottom, which secure them in place on your arms. Since the arms don’t have a liner to them the Velcro rubs on your arms and can be unpleasant for longer periods of time. I figured out that it was much more comfortable when I worn a shirt underneath the armour to prevent the chaffing. Luckily it has been a cool summer and I haven’t had to deal with very much heat, which could have turned into a problem with the extra shirt.

Race Face Armour Jacket.

While there are a couple of small issues with the armour it does have some great features. You can remove the spin protector / kidney belt to be worn on its own and the kidney belt has side adjusters that you can set to your desired feel & support. The connecting panels use a light mesh fabric that helps keep you cool while riding and it dries quite nicely.

Opinion: The Armour Jacket is well thought out, just like the rest of Race Face’s products, try a couple of sizes on just to make sure that you get the correct fit.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL,

Colours: Black & Gray

Plus: Durable, adjustable

Minus: Sizing a bit weird.

MSRP: $200 cdn ($200usd)


Rating: 3/5