Spyder Hitch tank & Pure hoodie tops


Ok, so living in Whistler is hard on clothes. The clothes that you choose to ride in, not only have to work for both cross country and downhill, but they need to look good enough to wear on a patio… then pub, and sometimes… a club! The inescapable FOMO(fear of missing out) sentiment in this town has you motoring from one activity or party to the next, without the time to go home and change.

For this reason, a mtn bike apparel company needs to produce technical gear, that will hold up to the abuse of the bike park, that is comfortable and fits well for pedaling XC and looks good, to boot!

Spyder Hitch Tank Top.

This spring (not that we really had a spring) I got myself a couple of Spyder riding tops … It felt very strange for me to think of Spyder as a mountain bike company, but that quickly passed and I have spent my spring in the Women’s Hitch tank top and the Pure long sleeve jersey hoodie. I have to admit, the tank has only been worn twice so far… as we have had the worst spring in recorded history and have yet to see the sun! But, it makes a great undershirt to my polypro.

There is no question that Spyder has mastered the comfort factor with their fabric, (Polyester High Gauge Soft Interlock Knit) - the material used in both of these tops. I can honestly say these are the most comfortable pieces of riding gear I own! They are silky smooth, light and you don’t even notice the seams. I love putting them on. They are perfect for wearing with a hydration backpack as the soft material feels so nice against your skin and there are no pockets or seams to get in the way and rub against your back!

The fit and cut of the tank are also great. So many tank tops do not work for girls with boobs, because the minute you lean over to ride, you look like you are intentionally trying to be skanky! The slightly higher (but not too high) cut of neck line is high enough to cover the cleave, but not so high that it rubs or leaves a funny tan line. Highly recommended. The hoodie cut is a bit funny, as it is baggier than I would like for a top that you wear with baggy shorts. It feels a bit bulky on the bike – it almost has a blousey fit. I haven’t really figured out yet, what to wear it with. But, it is the perfect long-sleeve to throw in your camelbak or jersey pocket to wear on the downhill of an XC ride, I’m just not sure about on the patio!

Spyder Pure hoody. Notice the small stash pocket and reinforced elbows.

In terms of looking good, I am on the fence on both of these. They are quite futuristic and ‘euro’ looking, but I think this is what you would expect from Spyder. They are definitely shiny (almost spandex-like) and, if worn with the hood on, the Pure longsleeve hoodie definitely makes you look like an alien! It does have a zip-up pocket, which is great for your iPod and phone – good bonus feature.

So, as riding shirts (both XC and downhill), I highly recommend both these shirts. Just don’t forget to throw in your favorite cotton hoodie for the patio and club!

Opinion: Super comfy riding shirts, as long as you are not too concerned with what you look like.
Plus: The Polyester High Gauge Soft Interlock Knit – the super silky material that Spyder makes their riding shirts with.
Minus: The space-agey look!

Spyder Pure Hoody


Rating: 3.5/5


Spyder Hitch Tank Top


Rating: 4/5