DT Swiss E2200 wheelset


In Whistler most of the trail riding that we do would be considered all mountain in the rest of the world.  A mixture of climbs & hairy descents with a couple of technically sections thrown in for good measure.  The kind of riding that will make you check your wheels constantly to make sure that they aren’t going wonky on you after each ride.
My neighbours Bare Back Bikinghad been raving about the quality of DT Swiss wheels so when it came time to build up my all mountain bike a couple of months ago I ordered myself up a set of the E2200 wheels with a 20mm front axel. Being the little brother to the downhill FR2350 wheelset the E2200 are designed to be ridden up hills, but are strong enough to handle coming down the bike park and make it out in one piece.

DT Swiss E2200 wheels.

The front wheel is available in standard QR (930g) or 20mm thru axel (980g) and the available width for the rear wheel (1170g) is 135mm only (Remember this is an all mountain wheel set).   The E2200 features a DT Swiss 370 hub with a two pawl design, and the rims are the E 540 model and are 28mm wide. The wheels are able to run up to a 2.5” tire and are 32 spokes laced in a 3 cross pattern.
The first thing that I noticed as I pulled them out of the box was how nice they felt in my hands. Sturdy, well built, it definately felt good in my hands. Part of this could be because all DT Swiss wheels are built by hand ensuring that they are tensioned properly and correctly. Most wheels that are available today are machine assembled and some feature a final tensioning by hand. In contrast these wheels are completely made by hand and it is easy to spot the difference.  When a wheel is tensioned properly they tend to stay in true longer.  
But how do they ride?

Simply put, very well.  I haven’t had to even think about these wheels since I put them on.  I have checked them a couple times to make sure that the spokes haven’t loosened off on me and I am happy to say that they as perfect as the day I mounted the rubber on them.

The combined weight of the wheels is 2200g (figured out why they are called E2200 yet?), but they ride more like a 1700g set on the way up the hill and a burlier set on the way down.   
Retailing for around $500 US online, they are a great steal.  If you are looking for a slightly slimmer option, check out the EX1750.

Opinion: Durable, dependable and affordable.

Plus: Great price, good all around bike.
Minus: Simple 2 pawl hub, slight delay on engagement.
MSRP: $500ish / set.

Rating: 5/5