Reviewed: Serfas Scandium


Serfas; purveyors of all things cycling and they have been producing quality, affordable goods for many years now. This is the first pair of Serfas shoes I have owned but have been riding the Scandium's (as in a rare earth element) for a little over a month now with good results.
The Scandium's are taking a punch at the Carbon Shoe class and what jumped out at me was the price, at $180 MSRP, this is very fair for a carbon planked shoe. And how light it is! Weighing in at 390 grams it compares well to other carbon kicks and well below most MTB shoes which are around 600+ grams. The added stiffness is a gift and directs power where you need it most: the forefoot. An important feature in power/watt delivery.
The shoe features a wide toe box, easy release single button buckle  ratchet system and an ultra stiff carbon planked sole (stiffness rating: 10). It is very well ventilated proving effective in warmer climes and offers a soft poly upper which at times I feel moving on me as I ride even with 2 staggered Velcro straps and the buckle on tight. This perhaps is the shoes only minor drawback.
Having a 'big' big toe, I love the wider toe box and the enlarged tongue which seems to dissipate the tension on the upper foot. The well thought out ratcheting power buckle and wide tongue holds my heals down well with no pressure point issues.  
The insole seems sufficient and the reinforced lugs on the bottom of the sole appear as aggressive as any other MTB shoe I have sampled. They even come with a tool and removable toe spikes or cleats for steep hike-a-bikes or "hikiling." Why anyone would be walking their bikes is beyond me!    
I think this shoe is well designed for both freeride and XC race situations. Clearly the build is beefy enough to last. I look forward to continuing to beat on them and intend to update this review as warranted.

MSRP: $180 usd.