Serfas Assassin glasses


The first thing that jumped out at me when I cracked open my new Serfas Assassin's is the production quality. My consumer experience was made exceptional as I unpacked the slick EVA Hard Case that holds the goods. The last time I bought high end eyewear I was severely disappointed when I opened the box only to find a cloth bag inside. Not this time.

My intention was to try out the cycling specific optics at the 2013 Florida Ironman and I was again not be disappointed. Inside the Hard Case I found lots of goodies: replaceable nose pieces, clip in prescription frame, four lenses and a micro fiber bag. The multi lens set up is without a doubt very capable of taking on any light scenario; direct sun, pure cloud, Fall low light and evening situations. All of the lenses provide 100% UV protection (even the clear ones!).

The lowers on the lenses are frameless and the uppers are stealth enough to be perfect for road riding. I found they sat well on my nose, did not slide down and upon further research found this was due to the adjustable custom fit temples. I tend to prefer a sunglass set up that provides good facial coverage; admittedly this is preferable for the patio.

The Assassins have a lower profile (smaller) fit which may limit its appeal to a certain age demographic but without question they get the job done. In cooler climates, the close fit to the face makes for some fogging issues but whoever slows down enough to fog up this racing accoutrement perhaps shouldn't don The Assassin.

The Assassin's are light with rubber nose pieces and fit well over the ears all of which provides a secure fit at speed. In fact, they are so light you almost forget you have them on. With other interchangeable lenses, I have experienced some interchangeability issues (couldn't get the lens out, broken a lens). With the Assassin, the job was easy.

Clearly these are a well designed product that I look forward to sporting on the road all summer.

MSRP: $60 usd.