Specialized Tactic 2 helmet.

XC Helmet Specialized

Specialized released an updated Tactic helmet, fittingly called The Tactic 2 earlier this year. I wasn't familiar with the previous model, but the Tactic 2 has become my favourite open face helmet.

The inner fitting structure called Headset SL works extremely well and adjustments to sizing are finite enough that you can get the fit that you want and you won't have to worry about falling in between settings. The chin strap is attached to a Tri-Fix strap system, which is a molded piece that the side straps feed into and the chin strap from the bottom. It is fixed in place so that you don't have to worry about placement as it is in the optimal position every time you pick it up. No twisting, no sliding around. Nothing to worry about.

The helmet has been designed with extreme ventilation in mind as it has been moulded with a seemingly endless amount of vents. Air flow is not a problem that you will encounter while on a ride with this helmet on. The rear of the helmet has excellent coverage and it extends down like most of the helmets that have been made in the last few years.

The visor is tucked up and out of the way, but still offers enough protection. If you prefer not to have one (weird) it pops right off.

For $80 CDN you can get a helmet that is easy to setup, fits like a glove on almost all heads and has ample venting. Why are you thinking about it, just go and get one.