Fyxation Mesa MP Pedals


Made from impact grade nylon, Fyxation's new Mesa MP Pedals are a wide platform pedal with a super thin profile. Yes I said nylon, not the same your mommy's pantyhose were made of, rather a very sturdy and stout feeling material that has nearly the look of a ball burnished anodized aluminum.

The pedals look great and are thin and minimalist in design.  The nylon platform in connected to a chromoly steel spindle with a combination of a sealed bearing and DU bushing. The pedals feature 8 traction spikes per side. The spikes are actually allen head screws held into the pedal with a countersunk nut. Both standard pedal wrench and allen wrench can be used for installation, I prefer pedals using this set up as sometime you are not pacing a pedal wrench in your pack. All these features add up to a Fyxation claimed weight of 351g per pair.

My initial concern with these plastic pedals was they would flex under my feet. This is NOT the case. The nylon is strong and seems to take impacts quite well.  I have no concerns with the platform of Mesa MP holding up to the standard life of any other pedal. As far as the spikes, there are no options for adding additional spikes in the pedal and this could be an issue up here in the wet Pacific North West. That being said the pedals fell grippy under my Five Tens and the desire to add a few more pin for confidence would only be needed on a muddy day.

I am pretty happy with the Mesa MP pedals.  Featuring a great balance of functionality and low weight they will make anyone in the market for some reasonably priced pedals happy.

Reasonable price
Low profile


No option for more than standard 8 pins setup.

MSRP: $59.99 usd