As the kids grow, so does all the equipment required for the recreation oriented life in the Sea to Sky corridor. Therefore, extra storage on the vehicle is always welcome. This season I have been using the newly redesigned Yakima Rocketbox Pro 11. This new model in the Yakima value priced, Rocketbox, line that has great styling and well thought out features. Boasting a cargo capacity of 11 cubic feet and measuring 89" L x 24" W x 16" H this box has all the space needed for a the entire families ski equipment or camping gear. The 24" width left more than enough room on my crossbars to keep my FatCat 4 ski rack on the other side, giving me both options for my equipment and added capacity/storage.


2012 Yakima RocketBox Pro 11.

The box does require a bit of assembly out of the box. Yakima has made this task as simple as possible. Arrow shaped clips which are labeled with the corresponding letter allow you to get the box together with barely a glance at the well illustrated instruction manual. Do look at the instruction manual as there are some awesome illustrations of what not to do with your new Rocketbox Pro, I will admit I did laugh at a few of them and they reminded me of the Flight Safety manual on Fight Club. All kidding aside I am sure these are very important tips and none of them should be done at anytime. The only challenge in the assembly process is that a lot of the parts are held to the box for shipping with masking tape. When the tape is removed a sticky residue is left behind on the box. Not a big deal but it required the use of a little rubbing alcohol to clean it off.

Once assembled the box was a piece of cake to install to the cross bars. The Rocketbox Pro uses a simple oversized wing-nut to close the jaws of the clamp on to the crossbars. It could not get any easier than this. The box was on and ready to go within a few minutes.

The locking mechanism it also straight forward, simple and effective. The Rocketbox Pro uses a push button to release the latches of the box after it is unlocked via the key. I prefer this to the lever system on the more expensive Skybox series. The box can open from either side with ease and closing it is a simple operation do to the box's rigidity and the well though out locking mechanism.


2012 Yakima RocketBox Pro 11.

If you are in the market for a well priced, stylish and well designed cargo box you should look at the Yakima Rocketbox Pro.


Opinion: Great Design for a Price Point cargo box.

Plus: Great Price, Lots of storage space with rack space to spare.

Minus: None really other than the Masking Tape used in the packaging process leaves residue on box, cleans up with rubbing alcohol.

MSRP: $459.00 Cdn.

website: http://www.yakima.com/shop/cargo/rocketbox-series/rocketbox-pro-11