Oh the Italian's are rubbing their hands in excitement.


The premium Italian resort Livigno is still peppered with a thin layer of snow. But by mid-June the final snowflakes should have melted away and Italy's "Little Tibet" will be ready to start its 2015 bike season. Mottolino Bike Park will open its tracks and the extended flow trail network at Carosello 3000 will be groomed and ready to ride. Lower down a new pump track at the Bike Skill Centre will open as well. Livigno is ready to welcome bikers from near and far. Special bike hotels, customized tours and services round out the experience.



Situated at 1,816 m/ 5,962 ft above sea level, Livigno is equipped with the best infrastructure for all types of cyclists. Be it, road cycling or cross country, downhill, freeride, e-biking or family biking: in and around Livigno everything is possible.

First to awaken from the winter slumber will be the Mottolino Bike Park on June 13th. As the motto "Mountain is fun" clearly says, the park will give riders an adrenaline kick after the cold months. With 12 trails weaving down the mountain, some shaped to fit beginners, while others are designed to challenge advanced riders, the bike park is well prepared for shredding. Trails are maintained daily to ensure the highest possible safety and fun. In the middle of the mountain, a Jump Area is ready for tricksters to come and show their latest flips and spins. Built in the forest, the North Shore Area consists of a number of different structures: catwalks, suspension bridges over bubbling streams and winding staircases. Finally, if you have a trick in mind you would like to learn, then the Big Air Bag is the perfect spot to learn. Located at the base of the Mottolino gondola, access is free for anyone with a bike pass. For more information, visit the park website

On the other side of Livigno, another kind of adventure is waiting to be shredded. The Mountain Park Carosello 3000 will open its trails on July 11th. On this side of the valley, the motto is "Mountain is freedom", and the trail design delivers just that! No steep or rough tracks, just endless flow along the beautiful mountain face. Every rider, regardless of age of experience will find cut through the breeze with speed and style along these epic trails. The trails have been designed in collaboration with the MTB legend Hans "No Way" Rey and shaped under the expert eye of flow country architect Diddie Schneider. From day one, on the opening day, 10 km/ 6.2 mi of new tracks will be ready to ride. The first of two trails, "Coast to Coast", will extend across the entire mountain, connecting the peak of the Carosello 3000 and Livigno Centro cable car. While the Costaccia refuge will be the starting point of the "Roller coaster" trail, 4 km/ 2.5 mi of pure fun. During the summer two more trails will be under construction. More information and a detailed map can be found at

While the adults shred the mountain trails, the little biker enthusiasts can develop their skills in the Bike Skill Center from June 19th, which is located in the centre of Livigno. This is the perfect place for children of all ages to become familiar with the bike and improve riding techniques. Riding with skilled instructors on wooden boardwalks, across artificial structures and a funny pumptrack. In fact, this summer a new 130 m/ 426 ft pumptrack will open at the Bike Skill Centre. A day ticket for the Bike Skill Center costs 8 Euro and is free of charge for guests staying in the Bike Hotels/ Apartments Apt Livigno. At the Livigno Bike Skill Center you can also book lessons and tours. Skilled instructors will take you on a journey to discover the regions' best tracks and most attractive landscapes. For more information:

Livigno is fully prepared and equipped to cater for all the needs of its guests. A range of hotels, services and attractions will ensure that everyone will have a great time!

  • BIKETOURS TRACKS: More than 3.200 km/ 2.000 mi roadbook & gps-tracks

  • MTB BIKE SCHOOLS: MTB guide for freeride, downhill, cross country and fat bike

  • BIKE SERVICE: Bike stations at intervals along the cycle path

  • BIKE RENTAL: Available for all MTB disciplines: cross country, all mountain, freeride, downhill, fat bike and e-bike

  • BIKE SHUTTLES: There are 5 cable cars open during the summer that bikers can use to transport themselves and their bikes to the top of the mountain. Carosello 3000 I and Carosello 3000 II, Livigno Centro – Tagliede, Tagliede – Costaccia, and Mottolino. There are also shuttle services that allow you to go to/from Pontresina (Switzerland) and to/from Zernez (Switzerland) as well as a tunnel bike shuttle (in order to cross the Tunnel Munt La Schera) and lots of private shuttles that can bring you everywhere, including St. Moritz to move on with the famous Bernina Express.

Furthermore, these 16 bike hotels and apartments offer their guests special benefits, such as bike-cleaning, laundry, bike workshops and collaborations with bike shops:

  • Bike Hotel**** Alp Wellness Möta BIKE (

  • Bike Hotel**** Concordia (

  • Bike Hotel**** Lac Salin Spa Mountain Resort (

  • Bike Hotel*** Alba (

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  • Bike Hotel*** Pare (

  • Bike Hotel** Sporting (

  • Bike Apartment**** Park Chalet Village (

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  • Bike Apartment*** Chalet Mottolino (