Whistler Bike Park opens new lift. Riders rejoicing.

Aug 4, 2015


What is “History”? How far back do you have to go for something to be considered historic? How do you “Make History”? Have you ever looked back on a piece of Mountain Bike film from the early 1990’s and chuckled at the lack of suspension, inadequate helmets or skinny bars? You don’t have to look back too far in our sport’s short history to see some kooky fashion, or bike geometry trends change. Though short in geologic terms the history of MTB has been fun to observe and be a part of. I remember riding Blackcomb in the summer of 1992 on a fully rigid bike with a Girvin Flex Stem in a foam helmet with a spandex shower cap over it, drifting corners at speeds way too fast for the bike’s capabilities.


Being a part of the sport’s history and evolution in Whistler was never my intention, it just sort of happened and I was along for the ride. I have witnessed the evolution of Crankworx, heck I even added the Pumptrack Challenge to the mix, I have seen legends grow from groms and friends build careers as pro bikers. I was there when the Park opened and then slapped a high five when the millionth rider loaded the Fitz chair a few short years later. I witnessed the Garbo Zone expansion and lead the charge to open the Peak and Top of the World.


Now its time for the next chapter in the history of the Whistler Bike Park, the opening of the Creekside Gondola for bike access as of August the 7th. Although quite likely to go down in history as one of the worst kept secrets, riders will be able to take advantage of ample free parking in the Creekside underground parkade in order to catch the lift up to access the Bike Park from the Raven’s Nest elevation down to the Village via advanced trails Freight Train, Duffman, Expressway and the trails that feed from those arteries. There will be return riding to the Creek via “Dusty’s Downhill”, an ‘Expert” level route which descends Franz’s ski trail and the existing fire road network on the south side of Whistler Mountain. An existing singletrack valley classic “BC’s Trail” (Black Diamond) will also be accessible via the fire road<./p>

The lift will operate from 10am until 5pm daily and WILL allow riders to download to return to their vehicles too. The lift will remain open 7 days per week until September 7th (weather permitting) when it will switch to weekends only until September 20th. Tickets and passes will be available from CANSKI Creekside as well as bike repairs, limited rentals and soft goods for sale. Trails inside the boundary will be inspected and swept by Bike Patrol daily.

This is the first foray into offering more lift access to the Park from the valley and the Creekside Gondola 2016 plan will largely depend on the outcome of this summer. Whistler Blackcomb is planning further mountain bike trails in the Creekside zone, however future trail development is subject to the approval of our new Master Plans by the Province of BC.

Will you be part of Whistler Mountain Bike Park history? Thanks for checking in, ride safe and I hope to see you in the Creekside. -BF