Whistler Bike Park last weekend. Couciling starts on tuesday.


Minimal exposure to the Whistler Mountain Bike Park can lead to MAD (Mountainbike Affectiveness Disorder) or NERD (Not Enough Riding Disorder). Symptoms include serious short term anxiety, depression, an over obsession of Pinkbike homepage scrolling, repeated VOD watching, indoor wind trainer sessions, multiple #tbt Bike Park Instagram posts, over embellished stories of clearing Crabapple Hits or beating Chris Kovarik in Phat Wednesdays, and claims to receiving more views on your GoPro edit than Remy Metailler.

Starting precisely on October 14, 2014 and lasting the next 7 months until mid-May 2015, a large portion of male and female bike enthusiasts can be expected to start showing signs of MAD/NERD which can immediately progress to extreme.

Recommended Vaccine to prevent MAD/NERD- With only 11 days left for the Whistler Mountain Bike Park to remain open in 2014, all Bike Park enthusiasts are being asked to take part in a highly concentrated dosage of Park riding to delay symptoms and to potentially make it through the annual seasonal depression.

Rx: Apply 7 hours of riding liberally over affected area, once daily for 11 days.

Refills: Unlimited until October 14, 2014. Product will then be on back order until mid May 2015

Alternative treatment: Although no official research has been conducted to cure MAD/NERD, observations of improvement within a group of seasonal testers has been seen when taking part in skiing and snowboarding at Whistler Blackcomb on a regular basis.

Please share with your contacts to help avoid MAD/NERD.