Troy Lee releases images of Cam Zinks prototype helmet.

Oct 16, 2013


I didn't notice it in the video feed, but apparently Cam Zink was wearing a new helmet that Troy Lee himself had bouncing around in his head.

Basically it is a D3 with external EPS layers applied to the outside of the helmet. TLD states that it showed a dramatic increase in impact absorbtion, but no numbers have been released at this point. Interestingly, if the pieces end up being removable it could increase the length of usage of the helmet based around small impacts. IE small crash, replace external pieces and head back out.


Will this helmet make it to production? Hard to say at this point, but if they are showing us it, they are definately testing the waters to see if the public would buy it. Esthetically it doesn't look overly different, so I don't see that as a barrier.


TLD's notes:

Troy Lee Designs D3 helmet, with an additional EPS layer applied to the exterior of the helmet. Troy has had this idea brewing for a while, but decided to mock something up for Zink, because he knew Zink would be trying something huge. Strategically placed layers of EPS were applied to the common impact areas that would absorb impact to the head. Thankfully Cam did not fully 'test' the helmet in competition, but in our testing before the event it showed dramatic increase in impact absorbtion. We plan on continuing the development of this application to further protect the worlds fastest racers and gnarliest freeriders!