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As of Feb 8th, 2015 Uncle Dick's will be selling consumer direct at wholesale pricing. This means a 3 ounce tin of Uncle Dick's Bead Slip sells for $10.50 plus shipping to you the buyer instead of the lofty $20.99. Brush bags, as UD likes to call them will also sell at the discounted pricing. "In our first year, distributors were the focus and we only picked up a handful of distributors in the US Market. With marginal sales growth and a host of end-users turned off by the high over the counter retail price it's a good time to go direct," stated Rich Travis, founder of Uncle Dicks Bike Shop.

Dealer Service Centers, love the product because it's a behind the counter product intended to help them get tire service out the door, fast. The product is rarely sold over the counter in the retail setting. Shops can continue to buy from distributors or and end-users can now buy direct. A host of bike businesses have been going direct for years. "I think this is going to increase sales and end-user interaction 2 fold, both of which will enhance my abilities to follow customer needs and grow the business," says Rich.

If you are new to Uncle Dick's Products it's designed to assist bicycle mechanics with tough tire installations. Such as seating beads and slipping a stubborn tire over a rim. The product allows quick and much safer tire installations for fat bikes and tubeless systems as well. Time is money for everyone so having a tin of bead slip at your bench is money and time made. Just whip the slip with a brush and apply to tire where needed.