SGC gives bike camp scholarship to Connor.


"I've been watching Connor ride and progress since he was about 8 years old. These days it's obvious to see that he's impressive on a bike, but the stuff that has always impressed me the most is his positive attitude, love for bikes, and dedication to becoming a better rider. The SGC scholarship is more about these things than anything else and any rider who brings these qualities to SGC will have a blast and see a huge boost in their riding. I can't wait for summer".
- Cam McCaul


This year's camps are going to feature a stacked line up of professional coaches to make sure you reach your goals. Whether you're aiming to perfect your skills on the tech trails or land a new trick you'll have the best riders in the industry as your coaches. Names like Brandon Semenuk, Matt Hunter and Cam McCaul are just a few of the stars you'll get to ride with at SGC this Summer. Check out the full line up of coaches here.