Thomas Genon at 26 Trix


Ryan Nyquist: 26" Challenge accepted.


What can visitors expect from this year's edition of 26TRIX? Well, if history is anything to go by, then off-the-chart rotations and aerial maneuvers. Celebrating the tenth edition of this contest, former champions will return to Bikepark Leogang. Mixing up the pack is BMX legend Ryan Nyquist. The BMX dirt and park rider will swap in his 20" trick machine for a 26" mountain bike and will ride with the top dawgs.



While mountain bike athletes compete for points and seconds in Bikepark Leogang, spectators can enjoy numerous interactive attractions on and off the bike. Take a look at the teaser: and get in the right mood for the Out of Bounds Festival:

Spectators can look forward to a heated competition, as Nicholi Rogatkin will try everything to defend 2014 victory. Will his signature tricks, the cashroll and the lawn dart front flip, be enough to stay ahead at this year's event? It is scary to imagine what else he might have up his sleeve. We will all find out in Leogang. Former stars and 26TRIX champions will try to steal the win at this, particularly important contest because it is the tenth time Bikepark Leogang hosts the FMB Gold event. Combo King Thomas Genon for example won the contest in 2012, can he repeat his golden times? Ol'dawg Greg Watts was the first to throw down a double backflip in 2006, has he still got enough bangers in the bag to step it up?

Short of losing another tooth, you can expect Sam Pilgrim to put everything on the line to repeat his 2009 victory. Fellow Brit Sam Reynolds has been chomping at the bit for years to win at 26TRIX. Last year, his bikeflip put him on the podium, but shy of first place. Maybe 2015 will be his year!

In 2014 the contest went from amazing to insane when Antoine Bizet nailed his double backflip nohand. When this Frenchman hits the dirt, it is anyone's guess what he will bring to the table.


While 26TRIX has proven to be the venue for debut tricks in mountain biking, many of them have been thrown around in the BMX scene for a while now. One athlete, Ryan Nyquist has probably already lost count! This BMX legend has decided to sign up for 26TRIX and swap in his 20" ride for a bigger 26" bike. What will he ride in the pre- qualifying? What tricks will he put into his run? All will be revealed at pre-qualifying on June 11th at Bikepark Leogang, where also mad Russian Pavel Alekhin, German Patrick Schweika and young Swede Max Fredriksson will compete.

The 26TRIX is one of the Out of Bounds Festival's highlights that will take place from June 11th to 14th in Leogang. Visitors can also look forward to the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup and a lot of side events including a whip contest on Thursday from 8:00pm and a pumptrack race on Friday at 8:30pm, in which spectators are welcome to take part. The little riders can be looking forward to a bouncy castle on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am to 3:00pm, a kid's program at the Villa Kunterbunt and a trial session at the Outdoor Elements Bikeschule. For the bike-tech fans, a huge expo and team area will let visitors watch the mechanics set up the bikes. And the evening vibes will be dropped by DJ Rene Rodrigezz at the Oe3 party on Saturday. For those enjoying the action from the sidelines, stunt pilot Hannes Arch will show his best aerial maneuvers before the downhill finals on Sunday at 12:15pm. Come along to the finish area, and don't forget to look up!

During the Out Of Bounds Festival, FMB riders will take some time off the bike to meet their fans. Greg Watts, Thomas Genon, Nicholi Rogatkin, Sam Pilgrim and Peter Henke will be signing autographs at the FMB World Tour booth on Saturday June 13th at 7:15pm.