Richmond Regional Ride Center is the third winner in the Bell Built contest


The Richmond Regional Ride Center, headed up by RVA MORE, will split the $100,000 in grant money with the two other regional winners. With help from both Bell Helmets and those at IMBA, this grant money will help secure the funding to rehabilitate 15 miles of existing mountain bike trail and construct an additional 20 miles of trail.

Their goal is to incorporate approximately 15 miles of stacked-loop singletrack, and an additional 5 miles of flow trail, which will focus on a progression of difficulty. The project will also focus on improving the existing trails on-site to diversity trails and depth of experience, along with developing a new gateway trail with two loops for novices, children, handcycles and bicycles pulling child-trailers.

To find information on all three winners for the 2014 Bell Built program, you may do so at