Richie gets a new helmet sponsor. And some french guy too.


Progression is a goal that unites us all. Riders dedicate much of their time to getting better, both physically and technically, in order to get the most out of their ride, whether this is about reaching a next summit, getting a faster split time or simply to see more of the world out there.

For ABUS, progression in the field of everyday safety and security is the driving force. As a family-owned and operated company with 95 years of history, their success is defined by the vision of the founder August Bremicker and his sons. The tradition, the passion, the heritage of the company shines through in everything that they do and is the most important building block for their drive to progress.

By teaming up with Richie Schley and Cedric Gracia, ABUS brings in a wealth of knowledge from two riders who have deeply contributed to the heritage of mountain biking and have been an integral part of shaping the sport into what it is today. Richie was one of the key pioneers of mountain bike freeriding and was an integral part of the Frorider, the first group of riders that really started challenging the norms of the cycling world back in the 90s. His iconic Schleybletop, his signature "move", is a trick that many of today's riders are still trying to replicate. Cedric is widely known for testing the boundaries and pushing the limits of the sport. As a Rampage winner and former Downhill World Cup athlete, Cedric brings years of competition experience with him. With years of experience in tow, both riders know exactly what they want from the products they choose.

“We’re extremely happy to be working with Richie Schley and Cedric Gracia and to have them offering valuable input in further product developments and represent our company. It’s great to have them become part of the ABUS family and we’re excited to see what the future brings,” says Philipp Richter, Head of Marketing Management International at ABUS.

“I like working with companies that are driven by the desire to make new products and strive to create new impulses for the industry. I can put my DNA on the products and make a difference in creating really cool solutions. It was pretty obvious very quickly, that we have a great fit. They are very passionate about their products and I am looking forward to working on some innovative products in future.” – Richie Schley

“I have known ABUS since building my Downhill team, CG Racing Brigade, back in the days. I was stoked on their locks then and bike security was, still is, very important to me. Today I am back for another exciting project. ABUS has already proven in the road biking sector that by working together with top-level athletes, they’re able to develop world-class helmets. It’s great that I’ll be able to share my knowledge and experience with them and it means a lot to me to be working with this big family from now on.” – Cedric Gracia