New EWS team announced: Tribe Pyrénées Gravity. They sound French.


The small Louron Valley and its central resort of Loudenvielle, located at the heart of the Pyrenees, have become a couple of years ago the high land in the Pyrenees for enduro MTB !

After hosting the French Enduro Series, Loudenvielle is now the French venue for the Enduro World Series in the heart of the main Pyrenean bike park dedicated to enduro MTB, open all year long.
With a strong and dynamic territory development, the enduro mountainbike community has quickly grown and is growing every year since.
It was first structured locally before evolving into an enduro racing center, with the URGE PYRENEES GRAVITY Team on the frontline.


The Team was ranked 4th in 2021 Enduro Series French Cup and raced its first season in EWS, where Justine HENRY reached the podium in Women U21 at La Thuile round !
In 2022, the team is evolving significantly by joining forces with the French distributor Tribe Sport Group and becomes the TRIBE PYRENEES GRAVITY Team.
Joining the forces of 6 young riders around their shipmaster, Levy BATISTA - an experienced rider with a great career in MX, then mountain biking and E-MTB.

These 7 ELITE and U21 riders will compete in the French Enduro Series and EWS season in 2022 behind the bars of the new ROCKY MOUNTAIN ALTITUDE.
If the team is primarily a professionnal craddle for its young riders, the goal is still to win the Enduro Series French Cup Team Ranking and fight for some podiums in U21 and E-MTB Enduro World Series.

Riders :

Levy BATISTA (e-Bike),
Axel FRESQUET (Elite),
Marin KAUX (Elite),
Charlotte REY (Elite),
Enzo PEREZ (U21),
Luca FOURCADE (U21),
Justine HENRY (U21).

Team Manager :
Ludovic Henry :