¡Muy bien Bontrager!


Bontrager will be the official tire supplier of the Andes Pacifico Enduro Race taking place in Chile, February 9th through the 13th. All participants will receive one of Bontrager's durable Super Enduro (SE) mountain bike tires as part of the registration package, to help them combat the rugged conditions that await them on the ancestral trails of Chile. Four-time Downhill and Enduro World Champion, Tracey Moseley, will also be taking on this challenging course. Well-known adventure sports photographer, Sam Needham, will be taking over Bontrager's Instagram account, @ridebontrager, to offer an inside look at Andes Pacifico.

The five-day stage race begins at 3560 meters of altitude in The Andes Mountains and traverses ten valleys of varying terrains, ultimately ending at the Pacific Ocean. Covering such an immense distance means the riders can expect everything from pedaling sections, steep descents, sharp rocks, and slippery dirt. Having a tire that performs well in all of these conditions is crucial. Bontrager's SE4 and SE5 tires excel in loose, wet, and rocky conditions, making them the perfect choice for navigating the challenging Chilean terrain.

"Bontrager's new line of SE4, SE5 tires were designed, developed, and race-proven for over two years on terrain very similar to that of the Andes Pacifico Enduro. We've taken all the feedback from our team of athletes, as well as our internal lab tests, and compiled a complete package for our SE tire," explains Frank Stacy, Bontrager Tire Design and Test Consultant.

The SE line features exceptional core strength, thanks to several layers of material. Each are precisely placed to increase protection from high impacts, steep drops, and maximize cut resistance without compromising handling. The unique structure allows the use of lower tire pressure for increased traction. SE's rubber compound was developed specifically to handle the rigors of enduro, with a fast rolling center to increase braking traction and minimize rolling resistance, and a high grip transition/shoulder knob area for predictable traction at extreme lean angles and off-camber terrain.

Members of the Trek Factory Racing Downhill and Enduro teams have ridden SE tires at the pinnacle of competition, particularly favoring the combo of SE4 in the rear and SE5 in the front. Bontrager looks forward to introducing the Andes Pacifico riders to the lightweight prowess and rugged durability of SE tires. In addition to the tires included with registration, tires will also be available for purchase throughout the event.