Mind Blown: SRAM goes less gears.


So, basically the same thing you have seen over the last few years, but optimized for DH applications.  The Cassette is 7 speed, 10-24 gearing with 2 steps in each gear.

Shifter is same styled XO, just chopped to 7 speeds instead of 10/11.

Rear deraileur is very similar, with it also being optimized for the 7 speed cassette, and it will be availalble in 2 different cage lengths.


Cheat Sheet:

  • High performance shifting engineered for DH bikes

  • Optimized gearing for DH

  • Lightest crank, lightest cassette, lightest shifter, lightest group

  • Better overall system durability

  • All X0 DH cranks get upgraded to X01 DH cranks with X-SYNCTM rings

  • Based on our SRAM 1XTM philosophy of a dedicated system, X-SYNCTM, X-HORIZONTM, X-ACTUATIONTM

  • 10-tooth cog allows smaller chain rings for more ground clearance