MET Helmets welcomes Maxime Marotte.


As XC season has begun, you might have spotted some MET Helmets in the field! It’s been a while and we are pleased to be back into one of the most challenging disciplines by teaming up with the Santa Cruz FSA Team.


“Being a pro athlete is very demanding but it’s a dream which came true. I live exceptional moments. The pleasure, that’s my advice. I’m not bored as you might think. Having a new bike, a new helmet and new sunglasses bring me the same pleasure. I don’t forget where I came from. My parents didn’t have the money to buy me the fanciest gear, it’s good to remember that. Years are passing, but passion stays. If you get bored it’s better to take a break instead of becoming really fed up. Performance comes with happiness. And biking should remain a pleasure.” - Maxime Marotte

Let’s hope we have the pleasure of seeing him win a medal at the Olympics!


WELCOME MAX | MET Helmets & Maxime Marotte from MET Helmets on Vimeo.