Livigno 2013. Return of the knights.


Short but intense! That's how you could best describe a summer season in the top Italian bike resort, Livigno. 2013 was indeed intense: after a spectacular show by Danny MacAskill at the Riva bike festival, presented by Livigno Feel the Alps, and a gourmet bike tour in the Alta Rezia region, Livigno ended its season with the spectacular event - the FIAT Nine Knights contest.

Livigno's absolute season highlight was definitively the FIAT Nine Knights: this top-class event was held for the first time at the Mottolino Bikepark. Already renowned for its winter ski edition the summer mountain bike contest brought the world's best bikers together, right on Livigno's doorstep. Set in a breath-taking scenery, freeriders from across the globe were shot by the creme of the crop of mountain bike photo- and videographers. The outcome was overwhelming: Nine Knights pictures were spread globally throughout the world wide media and the clips went viral through social media channels and website platforms. Nine Knights was more than just getting the right shot: the relaxed atmosphere meant riders were calm and focused. This is the perfect opportunity to make history and that is exactly what French rider Antoine Bizet did, when he landed the first double backflip on a downhill bike! Event host Andy Wittmann also entered the record books with the highest hip jump. There is only one conclusion: you cannot miss the second edition of the FIAT Nine Knights in Livigno next season.


For those who haven't seen it already, check out this year's highlight clip:




But it was also an attention-grabbing year for Livigno beyond the famous Nine Knight's castle. Last year when the mountain biking legend Hans Rey invited his trial mate Danny MacAskill for a two-wheeled tour in and around Hans' second home turf, Livigno gained a new prominent friend. (The trip is documented on Youtube: Likewise, it was a true honor for the Scotsman to represent Livigno together with Hans „No Way" Rey. Their duet performance this year at the Riva del Garda bike show was THE eye-catcher of the whole festival.




The most beautiful things in life are short lived. So is the time slot for mountain biking in Livigno. However, this does not deter enthusiastic bikers from visiting this little, hidden mountain bike Mekka. The surrounding single tracks and trails have everything you need to get the adrenaline pumping. More and more visitors are coming to Livigno between June and September to ride the picturesque trails and shred the heart pumping bike park. All of them leave with a solid collection of unforgettable moments. A trip to Livigno doesn't need to be an exhausting biking adventure - the fact that you can combine lovely bike trips with the gastronomic pleasures of the regional kitchen makes it even more appealing for a relaxing holiday. A hand full of journalists just experienced this when they were invited by Livigno and its partnering communities in the Alta Rezia region for a "wine and dine" joy ride. For every soul biker this is truely 'leading the life of Riley'.






In 2014 there will again be a couple of interesting events:




• 30th March/5 April: FIAT Nine Knights Winter Edition - the second edition of the free-skiing event around the Nine Knights Castle with the world freeskiing elite.


• August, 30th: Nationalpark Bike Marathon - during the race once around the Swiss National Park and partly through the Stelvio National Park the participants also traverse Livigno.


• 16th/21st June: FIAT Nine Knights Summer Edition - likewise the second edition of the successful media event with the best mountain bike freeriders





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