Lewis Buchanan on Norco.


Norco Bikes is excited to announce our partnership with Scottish rider Lewis Buchanan.

With over 10 years of DH and Enduro racing already under his belt, Buchanan will be making a leap for 2021 by continuing to develop as an Athlete, Human and a Content Warrior aboard Norco bikes.

Hailing from Innerleithen, Scotland, he’s already started putting miles on his local trails aboard his custom-built Optic, one of many Norco platforms he will ride in 2021.

Get to know more about Lewis, his plans for 2021 and his first Norco set up below.

In your words, who is Lew Buchanan?

My name is Lewis Buchanan, 27 years old from Scotland. Since I was 16 years old I have been a professional mountain bike racer. Starting in DH world cup for the first five years then switching over to racing Enduro and I have been enjoying the less travel rigs a bunch and I am hooked in this discipline.

Where are you based and where do you do most of your riding?

I was born in Edinburgh and now I live in Innerleithen which is in the Scottish Borders. I do most of my riding and training here in my hometown in the surrounding hills. It is an incredible area with so much to offer and different types of terrain around which keeps me on my toes. There is a reason why the EWS is coming here in October cause the trails are that good, which I am stoked on!

What are your goals for 2021 (Covid dependent, obviously)?

My goals for 2021 is honestly to continue pressing on with my Youtube channel and producing interesting content which will help grow that. Covering behind the scenes content of me going through the process of testing and riding the different types of Norco bikes that I am very lucky to be getting my hands on and just interacting and being authentic with my audience. I have a trip to BC planned where I will visit different bike parks, meet up with other riders and just create some really rad videos from that trip. I am very motivated to work close on a project with Norco that will turn out epic so stay tuned for that.

Racing wise I just want to put my best foot forward and do the best I can. I am training hard and have a good balance in my life right now. I fully have my eyes really set on winning the final EWS round in my hometown and finish the year on a bang. It has been a dream to race on the world stage on trails I grew up on since I was a kid.

What are you most looking forward to regarding joining Norco?

Joining Norco is something that really is a dream come true for me. The brand is very established and has some incredible history behind it. I am motivated to work closely with the people there on the content side and performance side and develop a relationship that will continue on for the future. Of course the range of bikes are epic and I am just excited to be a part of the process and the future which is looking awesome.