Le Voyageur.


I never tire to repeat that one of the best things that you can do in this life is to travel, and if it is to travel with your bicycle, the thing rises to exponents never before imagined.

The sensations offered by the two wheels are many and varied, each kind of bike makes the gift in its own way, not all the sensations are the same but all are comforting even in the long run.

If to what already gives us the bike, now we must add what it means to travel and discover places that we had only seen in books, magazines, postcards or of which we had only heard. The simple fact of planning the trip is already an adventure, the preparations, the details ... at that moment the imagination begins to separate dangerously from reality and takes us for a moment to that dreamed place where it makes us believe that we will discover great Secrets, havens never before trodden by man or as if a pirate with a patch on his eye was the precious treasure. Reality does not adorn history so much, but in a way it does not differ too much from what our mind has dreamed.

There are moments when imagining the places that I will find next to my bike I even get nervous to imagine the ideal downhill, the perfect jump located in the most magical place on earth, that's when my heart and beats runs at full speed, it shoots thinking to do the most impossible tricks that maybe only exist in my deteriorated imagination and that is very likely that no one can ever do, but I have to tell you that even if it seems crazy, this feeling makes me feel very alive, that at last and in the end is what I like to find when I travel, LIFE.

“Finding magical and special places or meeting people that are dear to you is not a difficult task for the traveler, the world is wide and very diverse, so the adventure is more than assured”

all photos by: Ismael Ibáñez