Just a Wee Day Ooout.

Danny MacAskill

Only two weeks after launching his first autobiography, Danny is already adding to his legacy with his next unreal two-wheeled expedition. Unique from anything he’s released before, Danny jumps on his Santa Cruz 5010 CC this time and takes mountain biking to another level.

This time the 30-year-old takes his viewers on a trip through Scotland, whilst being accompanied by the lively tune of “National Express” by “The Divine Comedy”, which will surely put a smile on every viewers face. Thereby he presents his home country as it most probably never has been presented before. Danny transforms natural features of rolling Scottish hills into the ultimate rider’s playground; combining the best of technical trail riding with Danny’s impressive trials skills.

With moments of incredible riding combined with a portion of tongue-in-cheek scenes, the fun-loving clip sees Danny pull off never-seen-before tricks; most of which would normally be assumed impossible on a mountain bike. Unique tricks include a scrub to barrel roll, a submerged water crossing and hay bale ride.

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out is the latest in an unrivalled portfolio of smash hit clips from MacAskill, such as Epecuén (11 million views), Cascadia (17 million views), Way Back Home (38 million views), The Ridge (44 million views) and Imaginate (58 million views).

Of the new project Danny says, “Although I’m doing very abnormal riding, I set out to make a video that hopefully relates to the normal rider. Every rider has had to ride through a puddle when it's been a bit unknown how deep the centre of that puddle is, it just so happens that the puddle in my film is 6ft deep. I wanted to do a video on the mountain bike again and give myself creative freedom with this film. It's meant to be a fun day out on the bike, so I wanted it to be quite light hearted.”