Jake100.  Photo by: Matteo Andreoli


Jake100 joins RASOULUTION. Slow clap commences.


London mountain biker and freestyle wheelie artist ‘Jake100’ has become the latest addition to the RASOULUTION roster of world class athletes.


The 22-year-old joins the ranks of athletes like Danny MacAskill, Thomas Genon, Tomomi Nishikubo, Emil Johansson and Tomas Lemoine

Born and raised in East London, UK, Jake grew up riding BMX and playing football. After a string of knee injuries and surgeries put a halt to his promising career as a footballer, Jake briefly studied physiotherapy before embarking on an apprenticeship as a mechanic at London bike store Paradise Cycles. Working at the shop reignited Jake’s love for cycling and he quickly took to riding the streets of London in every free second he had.

Jake’s unique style and approach to riding pretty much exclusively on his back wheel quickly garnered attention online and it wasn’t long before he was approached by sportswear giant Nike. He featured in Nike’s now-legendary LDNR ad-campaign and seized the opportunity to further showcase his back-wheel-heavy approach to cycling through his YouTube and Instagram channels. Building a huge online audience with his edits, Jake eventually became a figure head of a young, urban scene dedicated to creative back-wheel maneuvers dubbed “Bike Life”.

Off the bike, Jake runs the event series and charity “Off the Streets”. With events that combine urban street culture with unique cross-disciplinary cycling races like wheelie races and no-front wheel races, the Off the Streets team hope to create opportunities in the cycling industry for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through education and apprenticeships.

About joining RASOULUTION, Jake said, “I’m more than excited to join the RASOULUTION team of outstanding athletes. Having their support will allow me to put even more energy and focus into my riding, my edits and the projects I’m passionate about. It will also give me the chance to further grow Off the Streets to share the stoke of riding bicycles and provide more opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Rasoulution will support Jake in the areas of management and communication. The agency's founder Tarek Rasouli is stoked on the team's new addition, “I’ve been following Jake100 for a few years now. The urban riding he’s showing his fans is really impressive. The creativity in his edits as well his positive outlook on life made for a great first impression. When Jake reached out to us, we were interested in his persona and his goals. I wondered who is the real Jake? What’s his attitude like?"

"When we first talked to him on a zoom call, we instantly had a great feeling about his character. He is absolutely genuine and knows what he wants and is smart beyond his years. We are looking forward to helping Jake develop his career as a bike rider and to elevate his projects and ideas with his partners in years to come."