Horray, Superenduro è tornare a correre nel 2016!


After a one-year break, the series that is the national reference for enduro returns to the scene.

Rumours within the industry got louder and louder during the last weeks and now they have been confirmed: in 2016 the Superenduro Series will kick off again.



It took one long year to find again the motivation for a new start. For sure many factors contributed to the final decision: the 2015 fruitful collaboration in two successful events such as the Sestri Levante and La Thuile rounds of the Enduro Italian Cup; the fulfilling sharing of difficulties and achievements during the complex final round of the EWS in Finale Ligure; last but not least, that being part of something totally new and important that was coming to light, the B-Road races. All this contributed to make clear to the others as much as to themselves, how well the team works and how high the level the Superenduro crew can reach when it comes to organizing an event.

Superenduro faced the necessity of a break and that was followed straight away by an equally strong appreciation of the work done and by an especially welcome, polite request from many of you for our return into the game. It also made the board reflect and convinced the organization to go back, bringing the expertise to the service of a new rebirth.
And finally the decision has been taken: in 2016 the Superenduro Series will kick off again in a new and more modern edition, Italian-branded.

A few important changes will be introduced to foster participation and enjoyment of an increasing number of amateurs that will take part together with teams and Italian high-level squads. For example, the one-day-only racing format, with recce on Saturday, will be back. Moreover, the races will be better distributed over the country and last but not least the dialogue with the many regional series will be improved in order to develop a smarter and better-designed national calendar in the coming years, enabling everyone to participate in as many races as possible.

"I love going to the races during the weekends" declares Franco Monchiero, technical director. "I love organizing them at the best, breathing the tension in the air, watching the results as they come out: these are all emotions I experience with extreme passion and involvement. I have always been a racer in my life and I would like that people could feel that excitement again during the races with Superenduro. MTB enduro is still in rapid evolution, it is clear at all levels. On the other hand, we do have the organizing expertise and the sensitivity to the sport requirements needed to do a good job in the coming years."

Another important change is about the venues, new and already known. All of them will have the opportunity to officially apply every year for the following one, in order to guarantee season by season a turnover that will be very appreciated by those who love to ride in new places every time. Enrico Guala says: "The trails are what inspires us to travel, discover and explore and they are what makes us, ultimately, happy. The discovery of a new trail, the adrenaline of the unknown, the wander at a beautiful, unexpected scenery: these are the real essence of mountain-biking, the bases of the experience that each of us as riders build during our own life".

Therefore behind these choices there is the desire to continue the journey we began back in 2008 and to do it from 'the bottom up', starting from the pillars of mountain-biking: the trails. The dates will be announced soon; for now we can only tell you that there will be four rounds, four moments to share again the love for enduro, a discipline that is not dead as people like to think, a discipline that brings to life the true essence of mountain-biking and that the regional and inter-regional series have kept alive with great passion and commitment during the Superenduro's year of absence. Three of the venues have already been defined while the fourth is still under evaluation. We invite venues that think they have what it takes to organize a Superenduro race to come forward.

Now Italian enduro is ready to go big in 2016! The Superenduro goal is to build a solid base for the movement, thanks to a real support from the industry, that after one year of pressure to bring back the Series, is now invited to actively participate. And from the media, that thanks to Superenduro will be able to find interesting contents for their readers. Finally, we are very open to suggestions and ideas from all participants and fans who will be even more involved than in the previous years.