Has RockShox found the goldilocks of forks?


The next evolution of single crown awesome is here. We created a whole new breed of fork, designed to challenge the limits and take on the world’s toughest Enduro tracks.

ZEB’s stiff yet versatile single crown 38mm chassis and machined good looks, pack a punch and deliver a clear tactical advantage to win races.

Just like our forks, every peak has a story. Pikes Peak, towering 8,000 feet above the RockShox global design center in Colorado Springs, CO, is the highest summit in the southern Front Range of North America’s Rocky Mountains. The ultra-prominent 14,115-foot fourteener was most recently named after the American explorer, Zebulon Pike. Back in 1806, Pike set out to climb the great peak's razor-sharp shale walls, bone-crushing boulders, and extreme climate.

Taking no shortage of inspiration from our backyard, Zebulon was born (shortened to ZEB). Built to withstand everything the 7,960-foot singletrack descent of Pikes Peak is known for – death grip speeds, relentless rock gardens, raw corners, steep chutes, and one heck of a good time.

“Straight away I felt smoother in the gnarlier, rocky straights. Charge into them, let off the brakes, and monster truck through with confidence.”
Sam Hill (Chain Reaction Cycles) 

The next evolution of single crown awesome is here. We created a whole new breed of fork, designed to challenge the limits and take on the world’s toughest Enduro tracks. ZEB’s stiff yet versatile single crown 38mm chassis and machined good looks, pack a punch, and deliver a clear tactical advantage to win races.

Built to match the new generation of long-travel, hard-hitting mountain machines. ZEB’s bold design and smashing good looks offer a perfect match.

“I was blown away by Zeb. You have endless grip and can just plow through anything. Incredibly confidence-inspiring.”
Katy Winton (Trek Factory Racing) 

Riders of any size benefit from the extra strength to send it, without needing the extra hours in the gym. It all comes down to a critical balance between stiffness and weight (something our engineers love to obsess over). ZEB’s robust 38mm chassis delivers the perfect blend. Increased sensitivity, greater steering precision, and the ability to go faster, corner harder, and stay in control. ZEB crosses the line in a stiffness category of its own.

Torsional Stiffness = 21.5% Stiffer
Side Bending Stiffness = 7% Stiffer
Fore/Aft Bending Stiffness = 2% Stiffer
*Lyrik vs ZEB test lab data- both forks are 29" 180mm travel

So, what do numbers prove? It was never about building the stiffest fork we could. Based on rider feedback, we focused in on increasing torsional stiffness. Why? As testing revealed, increasing the torsional stiffness made a noticeable difference in the performance and how the fork would hold a line with better control. A noticeable and direct rider benefit for those looking to go faster with more precision in rough terrain.

A lean, mean, fighting machine. ZEB’s aggressive good looks add stiffness in all the right places, while maintaining meaningful compliance where required. Even on this heavy-hitting fork, we know gram counting makes a difference. We’ve chiseled away anything extra without compromising the integrity of ZEB’s design.

The new world order of Enduro racing has raised all the limits. Holding every critical line, when it matters the most, has never been more important. ZEB’s new chassis design maximizes bushing overlap. This reduces friction and keeps your fork sliding perfectly smooth. No matter how rough the terrain, ZEB gives you the confidence to plow right through it.



Minimal in weight, and tough by design. ZEB’S aluminum crown is built to withstand the elements. Extra durability with added machining shaves away the unwanted grams to keep things light and looking fresh.


From full travel to bottom out, mind the gap. With all things going big, the ZEB lower leg arch was designed to ensure plenty of clearance for beefier headtube profiles and our integrated fender.


ZEB makes fender integration a breeze. Featuring a new RockShox 3-bolt fender, available on all models.


Going Ultimate has its advantages. Our highest performing, athlete-proven technologies matched with premium style plays. An anodized crown and ZEB’s signature color – Slab Grey – make a rocking debut.


Designed to reduce hand fatigue and fight unwanted friction, Charger 2.1 increases confidence and control over every trail. The Charger 2.1 RC2 was fitted to ZEB’s 38mm chassis and features independent high and low speed compression adjust.



The highly tunable DebonAir™ air spring is ready for whatever the trail demands. Buttery smooth feel off the top, now optimized to maintain higher ride height to add more confidence on technical terrain. Building on the updated DebonAir air spring found in Pike and Lyrik, ZEB features additional negative volume for an even more DH-like ride.


The Dual Position Air spring, found in the base model ZEB, allows riders to adjust the fork between two distinct travel positions. With the turn of a knob, adjust from 180mm of max travel to 150mm minimum travel. The lower front end helps eMTB riders tackle aggressive climbs more efficiently. Crank back up to max travel for max fun on the way down.


Developed with the world’s fastest racers, on the world's toughest circuits. Maxima Plush Fluid is designed to protect against suspension wear, reduce friction, silence damper noise and maintain a consistent feel in all temperatures and ever-changing conditions.


Friction down, dirt out. Everyone loves a good collaboration, which is why we’ve been working with SKF, the world’s highest-performance seal manufacturer, for over five years. Together we provide ultra-low friction wiper seals, less fatigue, and unmatched suspension feel, all while keeping the dirt where it belongs. Because no one wants dirt in there