GoPro might have some competition. New Drift Ghost S released.


With the depature of Contour from the personal camera market it seemed that GoPro was walking away with it all to themselves. But then Sony released a camera, which seems to be good, but i think it will end up hidden in the mess of other products that they make.

A couple years back we tested a Dift Ghost Camera. It was nice, had a intergrated screen and some neat features, but was bulky compared to the Hero 2.


Well Drift has upgraded the Ghost to the Ghost S and it has a laundry list of changes and improvements to it. Read below for more details.




Increased 3.5h Battery Life & Improved Video Quality


Built and expanded on the foundation of the award-winning Drift HD Ghost, the Ghost-S boasts such stunning features as an industry-best 3.5-hour battery (@30fps) plus the ability to film spectacular quality video in 1080p@60fps and 720p@120fps.




Get the Shot and See It


A built-in two-inch LCD screen (made scratch resistant by Corning® Gorilla® Glass) lets users see what they're filming or use it for instant playback. The Ghost-S also features a 300-degree rotating lens, allowing the ability to mount the camera at any angle to capture the perfect shot. The simple interface enables users to easily set preferred shooting mode: video, photo, photoburst or timelapse.





Improved Low Light Settings


The Ghost-S now offers Scene Mode and the ability to choose from normal, vivid or low light settings. Scene Mode simplifies set-up relevant to the lighting conditions. In the low light setting, the Ghost-S adjusts automatically to provide the best image quality possible.




Two Way Remote Control


Like its predecessor, the Ghost-S comes with Drift's Two-Way Remote, placing intuitive control at the user's fingertips by clearly communicating the camera's function status with Drift's color system. The remote can also control multiple Drift cameras at once.




Technologically Advanced


Ideal for professionals and casual users alike, the Ghost-S is the most robust Drift camera to date with a leading-edge processor, Sony CMOS sensor and 7-element aspherical lens technology, making the Ghost-S capable of 1080p at 60fps and 12mp stills. Whether strapped to a helmet while snowboarding or shooting a documentary, the result is extraordinarily smooth, rich video in any condition. More additions to the Ghost-S include "Clone Mode," where multiple Drift cameras can record simultaneously, and "Car DVR mode" for in-car and on-bike video security.




Combined with the free iOS and Android Drift app, Ghost-S users have ultimate control and customization. The Ghost-S retails for $399 USD and will be available at retail locations worldwide on November 26 and for pre-order now at