Fabio Wibmer opens trials park in Austria.

Sep 1, 2015


Known for his street trials riding and recreationally competing in the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup – nineteen year old Fabio Wibmer has successfully finished a major project in his home region East Tyrol, Austria. As part of the existing Adventurepark Osttirol, the special bike trials center took more than 18 months to complete but the result was worth the wait. The very unique and specially designed Trials Bike Park in the Austrian municipality Ainet is now open for eager riders to develop their skills. To celebrate the opening, Danny MacAskill and his Drop and Roll team came to surprise their team colleague Fabio.

Strength, courage and the right skills are essential to trials biking, which is why Fabio and his brother Florian have created rider friendly obstacles made from wood, stone, and cable drums. This innovative set up is a reflection of Fabio's creativity and his own development as a rider has given him the knowledge to design a progressive park for enthusiastic bikers. Bunny hops, adjustable drops and a big air bag with a large tower to jump from are made for a lot of fun. Visitors can even get professional help to improve their skills: beginners can attend one of the regularly organized camps and Fabio himself gives workshops for more advanced riders.

Fabio is totally happy with the park which is unique in Europe: „Trials biking is an addictive sport for all ages and levels. We wanted to create a place where everybody can find a challenge – and we made it." Danny MacAskill and the Drop and Roll Team put the bike park through its pieces and were thrilled. Danny explains: „We are delighted by the possibilities that Fabio has created here for bike fans. We have had a fantastic day in the park and we are certainly looking forward to coming back."

Aside from the new Trials Bike Park, the Adventurepark Osttirol has a lot more to discover. Adrenaline seekers can enjoy rafting, canyoning and climbing. Then, come back to base camp and relax with some tasty food and drinks. There is no need to pack up early after a tiring day – the parks forest campsite next to the river Isel is a great way to continue to wild adventure.

For one day in the Bike Park, adults pay 10 €, half a day is 7 €. For kids under 14, it is 7 € for one day and five for half a day. Of course visitors don't have to bring their own bikes and gear as the park offers rental services. A trials bike for example costs 15 € for the whole day, half a day is 9 €.

For more information about the bike park and the Adventurepark Osttirol, please click here: www.ota.at