Fabio Wibmer and POC present the ‘Fabio Wibmer Collection’


The partnership between mountain bike phenomenon, Fabio Wibmer, and the protection leaders, POC, goes way back.

To celebrate their incredible journey, and the last six years together, the Austrian and the Swedish brand have introduced a stylish eight-part signature Collection, consisting of three helmets (full-face, enduro and street), two pairs of sunglasses, a goggle as well as elbow- and knee pads. Designed by Fabio, the products shine in Fabio’s well-known colors; gold, black and white, while displaying the 25-year-old’s signature and Fabio-specific details on the helmets.

“Taking on a new line, creating a new trick or dropping in from a helicopter requires a belief that comes from talent, hours and hours of practice and absolute trust in your equipment. The faith in your kit and that it has been tested to whatever limit you take it, is one of the fundamental elements that allow riders like Fabio to break with convention and try new ideas. This collection, exclusively designed with Fabio, celebrates his riding style, protection and inspires the limitless potential of what is possible on a bike,” says Oscar Huss, Head of Product Development, POC.

The YouTube clip “Shooting a video – My 9to5” presents this very collection for the first time. The not too serious production confronts Fabio with more than the usual challenges though: his trusted stunt double is sidelined, forcing Fabio to ride himself. Not to mention the nitpicky director, whose aggressive focus to detail drives the whole crew close to total exhaustion and mutiny at once. The result is an awesome blend of stylish riding mixed with a tongue-in-cheek look behind the scenes of a video production. The obligatory Fabio Wibmer banger concludes the edit.

“My signature line looks really awesome and I am very grateful to POC for realizing this with me, especially to such an extent. I truly love the stylized “25 stairs” from my Urban Freeride Live 3 movie on the helmets”, the Austrian bike star explains: ”Producing the video in Saalbach was a lot of fun. Especially since we refrained from the super spectacular tricks and instead decided to produce the whole clip as a funny behind-the-scenes. It gives you a quite accurate impression on how much fun we actually have riding our bikes and producing videos.”

“Shooting a video – My 9to5” was produced by RASOULUTION in Saalbach in August 2020.