Fabien Barel on his recovery.


In this, the 2nd episode of his 2014 film series, we see Fabien Barel reflecting on a new course, one focused on recovery rather than riding the trail ahead. Fab's riding season was cut short when a crash in Chile during the first Enduro World Series event left him with a badly fractured vertabra. "This exercise in recovery is clearly a mental challenge, » said Fab. « A challenge that is not different from racing. I need to dedicate myself to it and put all my energy into it to stay solid." For such a strong and energetic rider as Fab, it's a defining moment of his life. But as you'll see, he also recognizes that things could be much worse, and in fact he's lucky to have a good life and all its opportunities. For now, the Fab Barel Presents series is on hold while he spends the summer regaining strength. We hope to see him back on the bike soon, in new episodes of FBP!

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