Danny MacAskill wrote a book.

Aug 27, 2016


Do you know Danny MacAskill? No, let’s rephrase that. Do you really know Danny MacAskill?

Well, from September 29th you will be able to come one step closer to understanding the YouTube phenomenon and street trials superstar from Scotland thanks to his autobiography “AT THE EDGE – Riding for My Life” published by Viking (Penguin, RRP: GBP 14.99). Danny will be revealing how he turned out to become the most progressive street trials artists in the world and which steps lead him down this fascinating path. Pre-order the book here!

Danny MacAskill is a street trials legend and has inspired hundreds of millions of people around the world with his YouTube viral videos like Cascadia (16 million views), Way Back Home (38 million views), The Ridge (44 million views) and Imaginate (56 million views): nerve-jangling blurs of stunts and speed over towering buildings and mountain peaks. He has spent his life pushing the extremes and now the time has come to tell his tale.

Danny shares his anarchic childhood on the Isle of Skye and early days as a street trials rider, takes us behind the scenes of his riding and videos, and reveals what it takes to go the next level – both mentally and physically:

“I checked my balance and peered apprehensively at the sheer drop below. Once I felt comfortable, I radioed down to Stu.

‘I’m just gonna unclip quickly,’ I said.

My walkie-talkie crackled straight away. Stu sounded pretty stressed. ‘Dude, keep the rope on!’

I edged forward, my hands and feet scoping out the summit for any loose rock. The ridge pinnacle was still only a meter wide, if that, but I felt pretty stable. I yelled down to Stu. ‘This bit’s fine,’ I said. ‘The rope makes it harder for me... ’”

Join Danny for a nerve-shredding ride. Just be sure you’re wearing a helmet.