Danny MacAskill hits the road.


Danny MacAskill – Quite possibly the best known bike rider in the world has teamed up with top trials riders and good friends, Duncan Shaw, Ali C and young gun Fabio Wibmer, for the all new Drop and Roll Tour! Strapped in, they will travel across Europe in a custom made Drop and Roll tour bus, pulling a 3.5 ton trailer with all the equipment they need to amaze and impress the live audiences!

Since his breakthrough YouTube film 'Inspired Bicycles' in 2009, Danny's profile has soared with three further releases enjoying similar viral success. His most recent clip 'Imaginate' racked up more than 15 million clicks in just 6 months. Totaled together, his clips have reached well over 100 million views! Although his films are a massive hit with two wheeled fanatics as well as the general public – Danny is also a live show favorite.

"After dreaming about making this a reality for the past few years, I can't wait to be on the road with the team performing at events and making new videos"

- Danny MacAskill

His performances have been drawing in huge crowds, desperate to see some of his best-known tricks with their own eyes. Now joined by fellow top riders along with a bigger and better custom display rig, which will recreate some of the famous features from his popular videos, The Drop and Roll Show will truly be on another level.

Joining him on the road will be Duncan Shaw – one of the most accomplished show-riders around, with over 700 shows under his belt. His live show experience, technical skills and precision, make Duncan an excellent addition to the team.

"I am so excited that we have now got our dream set up to take to the road and perform at some of the biggest and best events throughout Europe"

- Duncan Shaw

Ali C is another vastly experienced show rider, with over 500 appearances to his name. He has a bag full of big tricks and a stylish riding technique, which translates perfectly into a live environment.

Fabio Wibmer is the young gun on tour. Despite his age, Fabio is quickly building a reputation for his big lines and wild tricks, and is sure to be a big crowd pleaser when the Drop and Roll tour takes to the road.

Together, fueled with tricks and armed with their bikes, they will journey across Europe performing at a whole range of shows. Make sure you keep an eye out for the black rocker bus! If you see it, be sure to give them a wave!

If you have an event, show, festival or just a good party near you then why not book Drop and Roll and become an official part of the tour! Event organizers can still submit an application for their event to join the official Drop and Roll calendar. Interested parties should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Alongside the electric show performances there is certain to be a lot of 'on-the-road antics'. But don't worry – thanks to the tour partner GoPro, everything will be documented and you wont miss a thing, with a steady stream of photos and videos released online.