Continental releases enduro tire. In Whistler we call it a tire.


After two years of development, the time has come: Continental is presenting the final production model of the new enduro racing tire "Der Baron 2.4 Projekt" at Eurobike. They have been designed in collaboration with top enduro athletes and trail riders. The fruits of their knowledge and experience have already been successfully tested during races.

The "Baron 2.4 Projekt" is an extremely grippy, agile and universal enduro race tire with high durability and puncture resistance. During the development period, Continental's tire engineers optimized the tire tread as well as the size and the structure of the carcass. Its deep-tread, relatively exposed profile is the modification of the BlackChili compound, which has been adjusted to match the needs of enduro and freeride tracks, ensures reliable grip while not comprising the low rolling resistance, even on mud or lose ground. The 2.4" carcass combines good rolling characteristics with inherent damping without gaining weight. An additional protection layer is incorporated around the entire carcass to reduce risks of punctures. The stable Apex inlay at the lower part of the carcass prevents it from collapsing in fast corners and helps protect the sides from slicing on sharp features in rocky or rooty sections.

In the Enduro World Series, Dan Atherton and Martin Maes from the GT Atherton Racing Team use the „Baron 2.4 Projekt" as well as the whole BMC Factory Trailcrew and the Radon Flow Team. The Focus Trail Team landed an entire podium with the "Baron 2.4 Projekt" tires at the 2015 German Enduro Championships. Freeride legend Richie Schley, trials artist Danny MacAskill as well as the whole Continental dirt jump elite including Martin Soderstrom, Andreu Lacondeguy and Sam Pilgrim have tested the tires under extreme conditions and were even included in the development.

In more exciting news, Conti has some hot releases for road cyclists, cyclocross enthusiasts, singlespeed racers, marathon participants and tour biking fans. The keyword is „Gravel". These special tires for road and randonneur bikes are the new all-rounder and a must-have for anyone riding thinner, slicker tires. Road bikes can be adapted for rougher terrain and heavy commuter bikes can easily loose some fat by rolling on the Conti tires.