Commencal went and build themselves an Enduro Team.


"We've been loving enduro for more than 20 years! It started with the first MEGAVALANCHE in the 90's, we were partners with Georges EDWARDS, the famous organizer. It is a real story of passion that binds us with this sport.  With the Enduro World Series, this sport definitely got more professional, so it was important to us to be present through a perfectly organized structure.  We were naturally attracted to Cécile and Cédric team, because they are looking for a long-term partnership, and so do we. I also really appreciated Cécile's victory at the Whistler Enduro World Series. It is a place I love, and winning there is a sign of true talent!  There is also the fact that Cécile and Cédric are really close to Nico QUERE (They coach him). Together, they will form a great team.  I am really happy about this new partnership, which is already planned for 3 years." - Max COMMENCAL


"We've liked COMMENCAL's brand for years, and Max's project is very interesting. What they did with the DH Team Riding Addiction is an example to follow, and trying to do the same thing in enduro is definitely tempting. It is a very exciting project! We also gave a try to the META AM V4 after seeing Nico QUERE riding it at the end of the season. Nico is impressive! After the first wheel turns, you feel really confident. It is a comfy bike, you feel like playing with it, not touching the brakes. It is playful, you feel good on it, a perfect weapon for our sport! - Cécile and Cédric RAVANEL

The structure will consist of:

- Cécile RAVANEL, winner in Whistler and 3rd at the EWS 2014 general ranking (Elites Women)

- Cédric RAVANEL, Team manager 35th at EWS 2014 general ranking

- Nico QUERE, 4th at MEGAVALANCHE de l'Alpe d'Huez and 2nd of the mega in l'Ile de la Réunion, Vallnord Enduro Winner

- Gatien PERNET, 3rd at Whistler EWS (Juniors)

- Mathieu RUFFRAY, Enduro Roc Enduro winner (Juniors)

Other partners: American Classic, Marzocchi, Hutchinson, KS, Kenny, Urge, Northwave, Tioga, E13, T9 Boeshield

Technical partners: Effetto Mariposa, Formula, Pulse Session, Clif Bar, HT, G-Form, A2Z, Aerozine, SB3, Progrip