Chase, Gregg & Stetson-Lee join up with Leatt.


Leatt is proud to announce that three North American bicycle athletes have joined the #LeattFamily! Aaron Chase, Lauren Gregg, and Teal Stetson-Lee will be kitted in Leatt’s high-performance DBX bicycle line for the 2017 season.

Professional freeride mountain biker, Aaron Chase has been a major influence in the mountain bike community for decades. Leatt feels that he will make a great addition to the team as a brand ambassador.

Aaron Chase’s career began in the late ‘90s as a slalom racing machine. In the 2000s he competed in every slopestyle/freeride contest there was. Nowadays, millions of people watch his adventures online through, GoPro channels and his personal social media channels.

“You only need to land on your head once while wearing a neck brace to know you will never go without it. I don’t feel like I’m giving up comfort for safety, I feel lucky to have it on. I ride all kinds of bikes and terrains, so I look for a company that will support my efforts and works as hard as I do to keep me protected. Leatt has all the right equipment for my next ride,” Aaron said.

Bronze Medalist of the USA Enduro National Championship, Lauren Gregg, will be competing at the top level in the Enduro World Series along with other premier Enduro races this season. “Leatt Protection has been a key factor in allowing me to push my limits and make the switch to racing gravity. Their gear is safe and secure while also being comfortable enough to wear all day out on the race course,” she said.

Last year’s Sea Otter Classic champ, Teal Stetson-Lee, will return this year to defend her title, and go on to compete in the Enduro World Series, the Scott Enduro Cup, and the Big Mountain Enduro Cup. Teal says, “I choose Leatt because in Enduro racing, crashing is inevitable, but being protected is what allows me to keep getting up again.”
Aaron, Lauren, and Teal will be wearing Leatt’s DBX Apparel, DBX 6.5 Neck Brace, DBX 6.0 Helmet, DBX 3.0 Enduro Helmet, DBX 3.0 All Mountain Helmet, and body protection.