Canyon welcomes Ludovic May to the team.


There's no rest for the wicked! After an exhausting enduro season, the CANYON Factory Enduro Team have only a short minute to take a deep breath and let loose before diving into preparations for the upcoming season.

The CFET will also be welcoming a new rider: the Swiss Ludovic "Ludo" May. The team's newbie is full of potential: originating from downhill racing, the 24-year-old is following the footsteps of the CFET captain Fabien Barel. Ludo's legs have already pushed through ten downhill and eight enduro seasons. His experience and passion for fast stages make him the perfect addition to the CANYON Factory Enduro Team.


Growing up in the mountains, Ludo became passionate about mountain bike racing at a young age. He began by entering XC contests, but it did not take long for him to realize that adrenaline packed runs are his forte. From there, the results started rolling in: he was the highest ranked Swiss rider at the UCI World Championships DH 2011 (18th in the overall ranking), second in the Swiss Championships DH 2012 and 14th in the Enduro World Series 2013 overall ranking. Those are just some of the highlights - there are plenty more! But now, it is time for Ludo to take his professional racing career to the next level which is why he will be riding with the CFET for the 2014 season. "We are proud to announce that the Swiss enduro star Ludo will join our CANYON Factory Enduro Team", said team manager Flo Goral. "With his pleasant manner, his particular riding style and of course his excellent results in the Enduro World Series he is a rider I have been targeting for quite some time. I am delighted he is an integral part of our team now and we can rock the big enduro races together!"


His experience as a downhill racer has instilled a love for wet and muddy tracks. The dirtier the better - that's when Ludo is in his element! His technical finesse and infamous riding style shine through during the damp grey race days. Saying that, his friendly "just go for it" approach to racing guarantee that he will be ripping up the tracks in every weather condition. His motto "laugh and live every present moment" doesn't allow for down days. Generally, gravity is no enemy of the young Ludo - he embraces it during the downhill sections and befriends it during the uphill sections, making the leg burning climbs look as easy as a hot knife through butter. The fresh blooded Swiss is using the winter break to keep the momentum going. Fitness regimes at the gym, frosty bike rides and the occasional swim for all-round goodness.


With this in mind: Let's ride together on another successful season in 2014!