And the PRO GRT win goes to: Neko Mulally.


Making it now 3 wins in the series for 2013, and 5 in his career, Neko Mulally continues his great 2013 season by winning in Snowshoe, West Virginia, and by another solid margin, this time it was 6 seconds.


The win picks up Neko another 60 points in the series and by our calculations, he moves from 4th to 2nd overall, though the title is not his main objective.

Neko said: "These races have been providing me with an excellent opportunity to train. My training has been largely strength and skill based lately. I've been going hard in the gym and cross-training with XC, BMX and motocross. My coach and I saw this event as a great chance for some skill specific work. I felt like I got a lot out of racing at Windham a couple of weeks back and this race was another great training race for the upcoming 2 World Cups.

We had surprisingly nice weather all weekend because that place is in a rain forest, so I was expecting more mud. The track was a good lead up for the next World Cups, 4 minutes long with really high speeds and pretty rough terrain which made it very physical. Snowshoe was one of the first places where I spent a lot of time racing but I haven't had the chance to race there since 2008, so It felt great to be back.

I am really happy with the pace I'm riding right now and I can't wait to take this feeling into the next 2 World Cups."

Neko will be at the upcoming US National XC Championships this weekend where he plans to race the Super D.