Aggy gets a one year extension on Kona. UFA in 2018.


Graham Agassiz needs no introduction, though he may be better known as Aggy at this stage in his career.

Who would have thought that the kid from Kamloops who burst onto the scene with Kona through the Bicycle Café ten years ago would still be riding with us to this day? We're happy to announce that we’ve extended our contract with Aggy through 2017, making it ten years that he’s been riding on the Kona team.

Throughout his career, Aggy has maintained a vision of freeride mountain biking, and has put in the hours to make that vision a reality. From the beginning, Aggy didn’t want to be labeled as a dirt jumper or a slopestyle rider – an important distinction for the big mountain pioneer. He built his skills at the jumps and took to the mountains with style and tricks.

Aggy has constantly wanted to take things bigger, to take advantage of the bikes he wanted to ride, and to show that there could be a different side to freeride competition than the trick-focused direction slopestyle was going in. Building his own lines, shooting both close to home and afar, Aggy’s vision has kept him motivated.

“I can't believe it's been 10 years already – it's true when they say ‘time sure flies when you’re having fun’. Although there have been a lot of ups and downs over the years, I've always held my head high and kept a smile on my face. Here's to moving forward, in pursuit of the rad times ahead!” – Aggy

From his early beginnings in Kamloops, through the global slopestyle scene, to groundbreaking video parts, the explosion of big mountain riding into the mainstream with Red Bull Rampage, and on to today’s rider-driven events like the FEST Series, Aggy’s been riding a Kona. We’re excited to share what 2017 has in store for Aggy soon – if you hadn’t already guessed, it involves one-off projects deep in the mountains.

Getting the result you want takes time and effort, and Aggy has built his equity: he had a vision for freeride mountain biking, and has put in the time to see that vision come to fruition. His story is a shining example that if your niche doesn’t exist, you may have to create it yourself. We’ve been happy to be a big part of Aggy’s career, and look forward to continuing our work together.