7 questions with Fabio Wibmer


A good video needs good music. It is exactly because of this that you connect a particular song with your favorite athlete.

Not to mention the collection of songs in your personal favorite playlists. But is this music actually the kind of music the pros like to hear? And how do they choose the music for their videos? Music plays an important role in the life of Austrian MTB professional Fabio Wibmer. To celebrate his partnership with Teufel, for whom Fabio will be brand ambassador and who support him with Bluetooth speakers, we talked to the YouTube star about music.

Fabio, when do you listen to music most?

Music really means a lot to me. While chilling at home, riding my bikes, driving in the car ... I actually always listen to music. There is rarely a place or a time that I’m not listening to music. I’m always looking for new songs to include in my videos. I simply like to listen to cool music. It's fun!

How do you choose the music for your videos? What is most important to you when it comes to choosing the right song?

Normally that depends a lot on the action in the video itself. You start with an idea and a story you want to tell. Once you’ve got that outlined in the video, you try to find the right music for it. If there is a bit more action, then I'm looking for faster music. If it is more relaxed and has a slower pace, then I tend to look for more laid-back indie songs.
I like music that mirrors the video’s rise to its climax. If there is a big trick in the video for example, it should be accompanied by the respective music. After that, music and video can dial it down a notch, until they meet again at the next climax.

Is the music from your videos the same music that you listen to privately?

Partially. For example, I really enjoy listening to the music from Wibmer's Law. But it often happens that I get a little bored of the songs from my videos because I hear them too often during production and editing. In general, I am very open to all types of music - if I like the song, the music style does not really matter. I also just listen to the charts very often.

When you are on your bike, music is your constant companion. Do you always play the same playlist?

Yes, I always have music with me, but it’s not always the same playlist. It depends. I actually just deleted all the songs on my indie playlist by accident. I liked that playlist a lot because it was pretty chilled and actually fit perfectly for sessions on my trials bike. Then I have another playlist in which I have more motivational and pumping music which I listen to both on my trials bike as well as my mountain bike.

How do you listen to music at home?

Quite differently to be honest. Mostly we just use the big sound system from Teufel with the 5.1 surround system that is connected to the TV. It easily fills the whole house with sound, which is pretty awesome. If we have a party outside in the summer or I just lie down in the sun to relax, I often use the cool Bluetooth speaker. It is portable and has really good sound quality. Otherwise, I also listen to music on the computer with smaller speakers.

As a bike professional and influencer, you travel a lot. How do you listen to music on the go?

I always take the Rockster Go, a smaller, wearable Bluetooth box. It does not take up too much space and generates good sound. Especially if I have to fly somewhere or we are on a road trip with the whole crew by car, music is important. When we drove across France for my new video for example, we always had the Teufel box with us.

Do you have a favourite song?

One of my absolute favorite songs ever is probably still Numb/Encore by Jay-Z and Linkin Park. That always works. At the moment, I really enjoy E-Dubble. He has some cool songs. Besides that, The Seige is trending is in our house. We also used their music for our new Urban Freeride Lives 3 video, which will be released on YouTube on December 3rd. So stay tuned!

To find out what else Fabio listens to while riding bike please find one of his favorite playlists below: