7 idp Enduro Series.

May 30, 2016


It was time for the Enduro Series to get back to the North-Est of France - the second cradle of Enduro discipline.

The opening of the 2016 Enduro Series took place in a perfect harmony in Raon L’Etape, at the heart of the charming Vosge’s mountains, dominated by century-old forests. Few sun rays passing through those robust leaves could illuminate the trails shared by the riders of the Trophee VTT AE by Giant and the French Cup Enduro Series.

Vosgian playground surprised more than one pilot with it’s vivid curves, un cotton-like breeding ground, sliding roots and stone cants, all of this on some steep slopes where the smallest braking mistake was quickly reflecting on the stopwatch.
Once again, we were able to notice the constant progression of our national enduro pilots level.

Spared by the weather that conflicted with everyone’s opinion on Vosgian climat, riders took a lot of pleasure to dig this soft ground and tried to challenge Jérôme Clementz that literally flew over the competition leading by almost 21 seconds on the 2nd Rémy Absalon. Both « local » riders gave an incredible riding lesson to everyone as if there was no difficulty on the trails. We thought we came back to the early years of the French Cup Enduro Series when these two pilots were monopolizing alternately the 1st place on the podium. Leader of the World Series, Cécile Ravanel won in the women category having a hard time with this playground she wasn’t used to.

Nicolas Vouilloz, the living mtb legend is still here to kick some ass and will never make it easy for the others. He takes the lead after wining this first round of the Trophée VTT AE by Giant, discipline in blossom that gathered more than thirty challengers of a matchless quality on that round.

On the 25th and 26th of June, for the 14th edition of the Tribe 10000, Val d’Allos will host the next meeting of the French Enduro Series and the second round of the Trophée VTT AE by Giant. Try to recover, the challenge will be tough !


Enduro Series #1

  1. CLEMENTZ Jérôme Cannondale 24:38.901
  2. ABSALON Rémy Scott 24:59.708 20.807
  3. TRABAC Elliot Scott 25:03.001 24.100
  4. NOIROT Alexis Cannondale 25:08.585 29.684
  5. OGET Ludovic Giant Offroad Enduro Team 25:19.399 40.498


  1. RAVANEL Cécile Commencal 28:42.079  
  2. 2 MORRISON Rae Lapierre 31:26.803 2:44.724
  3. 3 MARCHAL Alexandra Mountain Biker 32:11.260 3:29.181


  1. TRABAC Théotim team LAC BLANC 25:53.828  
  2. 2 BAUD Eliott Passe Partout Vtt Macon 26:22.611 28.783
  3. 3 BRULAS Valentin Specialized/Gallardo 26:50.185 56.357

master 1

  1. SENECHAL Yannick Massilia bike System 27:22.724  
  2. FLUCKIGER Pierre Giromagny enduro 28:08.928 46.204
  3. LEPLEY Camille Geckobike / GT 28:28.911 1:06.187

master 2  

  1. PICARD Jean-Marc Pivot 30:17.555  
  2. ARNAUD Eric Tribal Sport Santa Cruz 30:33.221 15.666
  3. BONIFAY Patrick Massilia bike System 30:50.276 32.721