Growing Up Whistler


As a parent of two (7yr daughter, 4yr son) that have grown up in Whistler this clip reminds me of why I want my family to grow up here.

I grew up in North Toronto and while I had great opportunities for sports and getting outdoors, it is nothing like what I have been able to do with my kids here.

Growing up in Whistler is much more different, while there are the regular team and individual sports like hockey, soccer etc the kids also have access to some of the best bike trails in the world and the best skiing/snowboarding in North America.

it could also be that we are surrounded with a concentration of people who's athletic abilities are beyond normal levels.  Each week at the Toonie races I get beat by guys and girls that could make a run for it on the world cup, but instead are realtors, construction workers, doctors, even a couple guys that sell toilet paper to the hotels.

Part of growing up in the Whistler bubble is an atmosphere that breeds kids that don't understand that what they are doing isn't normal by average standards.  My son tried lining up jumps last year in the terrain park, in his first year of skiing.  No crazy hockey dad here pushing him into it, he watched some guys do it from the lift and wanted to try for himself.  Second run he was making the transition on landing.

My daughter asked to go out and ride Pinocchio's furniture (bike trail in the Zappa's) that is a mess of bridges, roots and a whole heap of fun.  Once when we were in it, she turned to me and said that she was tired and hungry.  I said lets go home then, and she said "no dad, lets finish the trail first, then we can eat".

I am a believer in Nurture over Nature, and this clip re-enforces that belief.

Watch the clip, go home from work and go for a ride with your kids.