Superenduro finale at Finale Ligure.


Finale Ligure is coming. The wait for the final round of the Superenduro Powered by SRAM and the Enduro World Series is nearly over.

For the last race of this extraordinary season expect some a slightly different race to a standard Superenduro.




The race course will be announced on the Wednesday in the week before the race (16 October) and will be open for practice Thursday 17 and Friday 18. We will be running with this new format to put every rider, from pro to amateur, on the same level when the reach the race course. Also, with the enormous number of participants that will be taking part in this race, it helps preserves Finale Ligure's delicate trail network. We are letting you know now, because the riders who will visit Finale in the coming weeks will find no information about the race course.




The other change is the format. Racing will start on Saturday morning, with two whole days to race over six special stages (four on Saturday, two on Sunday) in this trail Mecca. This means it is easier to accommodate a large number of riders in the race, this will surely be the largest enduro race ever held. We already have more than 550 riders pre-registered for the race, with a waiting list of another 200 riders, this a Superenduro record! Our staff are already running at full-steam to make sure every last detail is ready for the race.




Finale will be a grand celebration for riders and fans who want to come and watch the world's fastest enduro racers. Superenduro and the local organisers, Blue Bike Asd, are preparing even more surprises for you, but we can't tell you anything more just yet...


See you in Finale!