Danny MacAskill Drop and Roll Tour.


Last weekend the Drop and Roll Team celebrated their first event in Baden, Switzerland. Behind the wheel of their brand new Drop and Roll Tour truck, the riders left their Glasgow based HQ and ventured across Europe for the debut show. Over 2000 spectators showed up to watch them perform their awesome tricks on a self-designed rig. Now, the team is heading back to bonnie Scotland in preparation for the upcoming show in Glasgow on July 29th.

Danny MacAskill has had a busy start to the season with the recent release of his brand new film Epecuen. Despite a full on calendar, he has remained focused on designing his dream set up for live performances. Danny has been performing live for years now but just like when you hit the bike park – it's always more fun with friends!

"I have wanted this show set up for years, so to actually be in Baden, performing on the new rig for such a great crowd with the rest of the team was amazing." - Danny MacAskill

It's been a long road – the riders have been working tirelessly over the winter months to design and produce the ultimate display rig. As of last weekend their efforts have paid off.

"After working on getting the show up and running all winter, it was awesome to finally see how many people came out to cheer us on for our first show." - Duncan Shaw

Most of us are familiar with Danny's tricks – as mind boggling as they may be, Drop and Roll shows are the perfect opportunity for fans to see them live. Crazy bunny hops, exercise ball front flips and drops from massive heights are just some of the basic tricks on a Drop and Roll show repertoire. For the youngest Drop and Roll rider Fabio Wibmer, this is a unique opportunity.

" For me it was definitely the best show I have been involved in and performing with Danny and Duncan in front of such a cool crowd in Switzerland was just amazing." - Fabio Wibmer

Overall, the Velofrühling event in the center of this beautiful town was a massive success! Event coordinator Marco Wieser is thrilled that the Drop and Roll Team made their debut in Baden: "I was so glad to have the guys here in Baden for the first Drop and Roll show. It was a few exciting days celebrating awesome bike passion."