Danny MacAskill and Drop and Roll Tour Cruising Vol. 2

Danny MacAskill Drop and Roll

The Drop & Roll Crew is back on the road. Several stops across Europe and the UK are on the horizon.

Right on time Danny and the crew delight us with a mouth watering edit of their previous trip from last year when they were performing a couple of shows in Europe:

This was filmed all across Europe before, after and during our shows at Eurobike, Area 47 and Sölden last year. In between the events we spent ten days in France riding in the Hometown of John Langlois. After almost two years away from shows it felt amazing to feel that live show energy again. Videos are great but you just can’t beat being there in person with the fans”, Duncan Shaw remembers. Also, Danny recounts the good times after a longer absence due to the Covid pandemic: “Coming back to Eurobike after a break of two years felt surreal. We were a bit rusty but once the crowd got going it felt amazing.”

The crew will consist of Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw as well as Ali Clarkson for the UK dates and John Langlois for the non-UK dates. Shows will take place on the following dates:

12 June - Bike Opening, Bike Republic Sölden, Austria - Details

1 - 3 July - Grand Prix Silverstone, UK

16 & 17 July - Eurobike, Frankfurt, Germany - Details

27 & 28 August - Malverns Classic, Ledbury, UK - Details

Danny is looking forward to the events and an exciting side program: “All the shows we have lined up are shaping up to be awesome. Sölden is always fun and I am hoping to get out on the trails, too. Being at the Formula One will be an amazing experience and can’t wait to try the lake crossing at Malverns. I have heard Hans Rey has challenged me to a dual.”