Trek World Racing: Neko Mulally takes career best 8th.


Striking yet another goal of his career check list, 21 year old Neko Mulally from Pennsylvania has backed up his 7th in qualifying here in Pietermaritzburg with his first ever World Cup Top Ten race result, 8th.




The controversial South African track sure produced some interesting results and the high speed slippery surface claimed one of its first victims on day 1 of training when Brook MacDonald had a massive crash that had him hitting a tree in the first rock garden section. After the team mechanics worked tirelessly to repair his beaten bike, Brook tried another training run but the damage to his left bicep was too severe to hang on in the rough sections. Unsure of whether he would qualify Brook managed to attempt his third run, the qualifier, and scraped through in 66th place. Overnight and after much treatment for his injury, Brook was able to get two runs in before the race, and finish in 35th place, a salvaged weekend.

Both George Brannigan and Greg Williamson showed good pace throughout the week but both felt their race runs were lacking a little. It was left for Neko's three team mates to watch on as the American descended the 3km track and had the green light at the first split, more than a second up on Mick Hannah. In the middle sector Neko was at his limit and clocked the speed trap at 69km/h before getting to the finish line in 3rd, taking his spot on the hot seat.

Neko said: "It feels great to get this result and I'm already looking ahead to the next races and to build a consistent season. I rode this track as best as I could today, a bit loose and on the edge at times, but you have to here. I wouldn't call this a favourite track of mine, but it's one that takes a lot of work to do well. I'm really happy to carry the number 8 plate into Round 2".

Team Director Martin Whiteley said: "The team is obviously very proud of Neko's continued progression, something he's shown unwaveringly since joining us in 2010. It was a frustrating week for Brook after his crash, but our goal was to work together to help him recover some points after looking doubtful for the race on Friday morning. Personally I feel this venue is done and dusted for DH racing. Most teams have been very supportive leading up to having the first World Championships on the African continent, but I feel it's time to move on."