Titan Tropic Cuba. Stage 5. Everyone is bagged.


Diego Tamayo wins again while Marlies Mejías takes the tittle from the females. In the Fat Bikes, former Formula One driver Jaime Alguersuari takes the victory while US Shannon Boffeli and Jennifer Hanks win Mixed Duo.

The Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes comes to an end in an espectacular finale on the white sands of Cayo Jutías, with victory in the general classification for the Colombian Diego Tamayo, who repeats triumph in Cuba for the second time in a row. In the women category, the Cuban Marles Mejias has taken the title. This ends a week of MTB to remember with victory in the last stage for the locals Yoandy Freire and Olga Echenique.

In the Fat Bikes, former Formula One driver Jaime Alguersuari has shown that he is a total sportsman and has imposed himself in this demanding category, while in the Mixed Duo the Pivot DNA Americans Shannon Boffeli and Jennifer Hanks have triumphed in the Cuban race.

The Caribbean Sea has been the final prize for these bikers who have lived with great intensity a test that is consolidated as a unique adventure in the world for its peculiar format, landscapes and paths. 2017 already awaits the third edition of the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes.

Males Last Stage:

  1. Yoandi Freire (CUB) 2h:12:05
  2. Álvaro Soca (CUB) at 0:20
  3. Diego Tamayo (COL/TAMAYO TEAM) at 0:21
  4. Cristofer Bosque (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 1:22
  5. Tinker Juárez (USA/Cannondale) at 2:59
  6. Roberto Bou (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 4:11
  7. J.L Gómez (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 14:27
  8. Jairo López (CUB) at 14:51
  9. Miquel Mas (ESP) at 14:52
  10. Daniel Baena (ESP, Hybda Cycling Team) at 17:36

General Final:

  1. Diego Tamayo (COL/TAMAYO TEAM) 12h.24:43
  2. Yoandy Freire (CUB) at 6:45
  3. Roberto Bou (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 7:24
  4. Cristofer Bosque (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 10:44
  5. Tinker Juárez (USA/Cannondale) at 17:51
  6. Álvaro Soca (CUB) at 20:00
  7. Josep Betalú (ESP/Taymory) at 37:58
  8. J.L Gómez (ESP/Tomás Bellés) at 47:30
  9. Yasmani Balmaceda (CUB) at 1h:12:46.
  10. Kevin Hines (USA) at 1h:52:31.

Females Last Stage:

  1. Olga A. Echenique (CUB) 2h.42:05
  2. Marlies Mejías (CUB) m.t.
  3. Nuria Picas (ESP/Tom...s Bellés) at 1:24

General Final:

  1. Marlies Mejías (CUB) 15h.04:40
  2. Nuria Picas (ESP/Tom...s Bellés) at 07:58
  3. Olga A. Echenique (CUB) at 13:04
  4. Selene Yeager (USA) at1h:16:30.